Kid's Classes

-for children 5-17
Sessions are ongoing and therefore, you may join at any time! Each Thursday and Friday, the students will select and be guiding through a painting of their choice from our selection of more than 100 children's paintings! ...Very similar to our adult "Pick Your Own" Classes. If you purchase 5 sessions or more (per child) at one time you will receive $5 off per class. The classes are valid for the current school year, so they may be used on a come and go basis! Please register each week online.

-for children 0-5
In this class you may paint the pictured artwork, or whatever you choose together! If you would like to do a different work of art than the one pictured, please bring a picture of the Mommy and Me artwork that you would like to create.
Take a look at our Mommy and Me Pinterest page for inspiration!