Private Party Information

Thanks for your interest in choosing Just For Giggles for your private party!
For a private party outside of our preset classes there is minimum fee of $300, which includes supplies for 10 painters, and each additional painter is $25. This amount includes:
a. rental of entire space just for you
b. bring in cake, beverage, pizza, decorations....
c. artist to walk kids and/or adults step-by-step through the creation process
d. you get to choose your theme (anything is possible...something we've done before or something totally unique...for example we recently did an Olivia The Pig Party, Frozen party, cupcake party, Racecar Party, Sock Monkey Party...)
e. all kids and/or adults leave with a finished masterpiece!

Private Parties are 2 1/2 hours and can be done any day of the week! On Saturday and Sundays we have specific times: 10-12:30 , 1-3:30 and 4-6:30. The calendar is up to date, so as long as nothing is already scheduled on the date and time you would like-we are most likely available! We require a credit card to book as we do have a 3 week cancellation policy. However, you will pay the day of your event. We book on a first come, first serve basis!

As far as activities, completing paintings takes up the majority of the party time. If you plan to break for food and/or cake or a game, that is easily the entire party. It is really such a fun, focused and unique party environment!

We also have a private party option for children, ages 3-5, which is the same as above, except the cost is $200 for the first 10 painters, $15 each additional painter, the canvas is smaller and the time frame is 1.5 hours vs. 2.5 hours.

Please contact us via email or telephone if you would like to book a party at Just For Giggles!
You WONT be disappointed!