"Pick Your Own"

Fri, June 16

7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Cost: $35
You will be charged upon arrival.
Remaining Seats: 10

These classes offer more hands on from your instructor and delve more deeply into the why's.. why certain brushstrokes, why certain color combinations...

Did you miss a painting you were dying to create? This is the class for you! However we suggest this class is best for those who have been at least once before...but hey, you're the artist!...Make sure to PRINT OFF your favorite picture in COLOR from any of our PAST months and bring in-as we do sale our paintings and do not always have a copy on hand! We will guide you through the process! There is limited seating for this class and the seats fill up fast! If there are no longer seats availbable please e-mail us with phone number and e-mail at contactus@just-for-giggles.com and we will add you to the waiting list! We will notify you if seats open on a first come-first serve basis! Excludes our mixed media peices and Living Socials are NOT applicable to these classes!

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